Nowadays, the asphalt shingle roofs installed and produced by roofers are much better compared to those roofs that were installed by roofing contractors way back 40-50 years ago. Moreover, they are more element-proof and last longer. However, nature has its own ways of prevailing almost always. Though the long-lasting benefit of asphalt shingles is promising, that can also imply that they have a greater tendency to be subjected to extreme weather all throughout their lifetime. No matter how tough your roofing materials are, high winds could still damage them.  

The great news is that you can take a few steps to provide your roof with a greater chance of enduring high winds. However, remember that you only get one shot to do this and that is once your roofing is installed. Below are some of the tips your roofers can do for you to improve the wind-proofing capabilities of your roof: 

Put adhesives at the edges 

Seal nails and bonding can make starter strips greater in terms of securing your shingles from being uplifted by the wind. Rather than roof cement, make sure to apply self-adhering starter strips and, as much as possible, pin them down closer to the bottom edge.  

Apply drip edges 

Manufacturer-certified and licensed professionals know how important drip edges are in terms of avoiding uplift along its perimeter and sealing your roof. The code covers the drip edges installation. Do not hold back on your drip edges’ width since there’s only a slight difference and the advantages greatly outweigh the expense of a wider drip edge.  

Know which direction to nail 

Underdriven, off-angle, overdriven, and misdriven nails are most of the typical reasons that damage the base mat. As a result, the shingle wind resistance will be affected. Your roofer needs to be great at nailing. Moreover, they need to nail as several nails as they can every tab to enhance wind resistance. The skilled contractors are experts with this.  

Utilize greater nails 

Not only do your shingles need to be better, but also the nails you install with them. Talk to one of the greatest roofing companies Modesto about utilizing the best nails that they can provide, and they won’t have any issue doing that. This has to do with the nail’s corrosion-resistance, type, and length. In high-wind events, the smooth shank nails have greater pull-out resistance. Moreover, one of the better options for you includes ring-shank nails since they are less likely to survive a shingle. The most recommended nails include HDG nails, or high-quality EG nails.  

Select the appropriate shingles 

Every area has a recommended and rated shingles to be installed. Select the shingles that exceed or meet your location’s expected wind speeds. It’s not hard to obtain shingles with the highest wind rating since a lot of reputable producers manufacture them. Compared to 3-tab shingles, laminated shingles are proven to do better particularly in high-wind areas. 

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