If you’re still an amateur in terms of the beer world, then perhaps you are wondering how can you store beer properly so that the beer will still taste exquisite by the time you plant to pull out the cork and drink it. Nevertheless, for you to enjoy the best beer in town, you need to depend on a reputable liquor shop within your area. A popular liquor shop is anticipated to offer stocks of delicious and premium quality beers from both local and foreign brands. For beer lovers like you, we have come up with some helpful tips on how to preserve and store their beers in their houses.  

Prevent spaces with constant light and heat 

Make sure to keep your beers out of light and heat. When beer bottles have been exposed to bright light or heat for a long time, they will tend to taste bad. Though most of the bottles of beers are manufactured with tinted glasses that offer some protection from the UV rays, the risk of exposure is still inevitable. To prevent this light exposure make sure to place your bottles of beer low to the ground or in cabinets. These types of storage methods will shield them from the lightings of overhead fluorescent, which can be hazardous/unsafe for beers as well.  

Always store bottles on their sides 

You need to guarantee that your bottle is stored in a beer rack on its side. This way, the cork will still be in contact with the beer. Even if other bottles of beer have screw-on caps or plastic/rubber caps, most of them still come with typical corks. If you want to maintain the bottle’s airtight seal, which keeps the beer from outside oxygen, aroma, etc. a natural cork should be moist and expanded.  

Maintain a moderate temperature 

If you’re inclined on prolonging the life of your beer, then see to it that you keep it in a cool place. The best storage temperature for beers would be 45 to 50 degrees. Although, if you plan to open a bottle of beer within just a few months, them it’s good to put them on a comparatively warmer room temp. Prevent storing bottles in high heat storage or in areas where there is a fluctuating temperature. Hence, refuse from putting them close to your dishwasher or your oven. 

Purchase beers from leading brands 

All of the facts and tips mentioned above can help preserve your beer for a long time. However, you need to always depend on leading brands as you choose beers. If you are hesitant to change from one liquor shop to another, you don’t need to worry since you can always look for reputed liquor shops and buy liquor online whenever and wherever you might be. What’s great about this is that these shops don’t only provide quality brands of various drinks, they can also bring all of your orders to your home on time.