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Captain Dean Strain Crew
Standing, from left to right, Captain Dean Strain (Pilot), 1st Lt. Joe Blair (Co-Pilot), 1st Lt. Mike Delaney (Navigator) and 1st Lt. Franklin Roberts (Bombadier). The names of the other airmen on the plane that went down are John E. Turner (Engineer), William E. Neigh (Radio Operator), Arnold Jackson (Tail Gunner), John A. Hudson (Right Waist Gunner), and Theron S.Wimett (Left Waist Gunner). I am guessing those are the names of the guys kneeling, but I have know way of being sure.
Also on the plane were Captain Justus M. Schwenson, Command Pilot, 2nd Lt. David A. LePitre (Pilotage Navigator) and 1st Lt. Joseph E. Willoughby (Mickey Navigator).
The plane (-V 481) was leading the 14th Combat Wing on January 17th when it was knocked out by Flak during a mission over Hamburg/Harburg Germany. All of the crew members were killed. Some additional information and a picture of the officers can be found on page 158 of the "Ringmasters"
(Photo - Mike Delaney/Kevin Godar)