Bergen Sheriff’s Special Program Increases Assistance to U.S. Army Veterinarians


Sometimes you don’t have to move the sky – just a little dirt – to help someone in need.

Fair Lawn’s U.S. Army veteran Karl Eder has spent much of his adult life serving others, so it is with immense respect and pride that a team of public servants have come together. for help.

Ashlee Luther of the Fair Lawn Veterans Office said she was alerted to Eder’s need for a ramp to get in and out of his home by Robert Young, the district parks and recreation supervisor, after having been contacted by retired postman Frank Garafolo. .

Besides his military service, Eder was an active member of the Fair Lawn Police Reserves for a decade and was head of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for New Jersey, she said.

Luther went directly to the office of Bergen County Sheriff Anthony Cureton, who runs a “free ramp program” that uses inmates in county jails to build trails for local residents with limited mobility.

Sheriff’s officers Lorenzo Migale and Todd Accomando were more than “inclined” to help. They immediately set the wheels in motion and completed the project in six weeks, Luther said.

The ramp program “restores the freedom and dignity of residents with reduced mobility,” Cureton said. “This is one of the ways our agency can have an immediate impact and give back to those in need. “

Senior citizens and residents with severe disabilities have priority.

“The labor for the measurement, design and construction of the ramp is available to any Bergen County resident who provides their own building materials,” the sheriff said.

Residents could benefit from free or subsidized building materials if they meet the revenue requirements of nonprofit agencies that partner with the sheriff’s office, he added.

Those interested can contact the BCSO Community Release Line: (201) 336-3535 Where (201) 336-3508.

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