US military leader hails HMS Queen Elizabeth “the best ship she has ever been on”


Col. Simon Doran, the senior American officer aboard the aircraft carrier, said his team of about 250 US personnel enjoyed life aboard the warship to 3.2 billion pounds.

The mighty 65,000-ton vessel – the largest built for the Royal Navy – embarked 10 United States Marine Corps F-35s for its 28-week mission to the Far East.

Talk to The news Prior to the ship’s deployment from Portsmouth, Colonel Doran admitted: “Being on a British aircraft carrier like HMS Queen Elizabeth is extremely pleasant. Don’t tell anyone back home, but it’s probably the most beautiful ship I’ve been on.

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Col. Simon Doran, the senior United States military official serving with the United States Marine Corps aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth while deployed against the aircraft carriers. Photo: Tom Cotterill

“I have never been on a Royal Navy ship before, but have served alongside British ships for almost 25 years now. So actually starting the deployment with the UK is something very, very special.

“And as a senior American on board, I can tell you that all of our Marines and Sailors are very honored to be able to carry out this deployment with the sons and daughters of the United Kingdom.”

The aircraft carrier is the only type in the world designed specifically to operate the new F-35 stealth jet.

And Colonel Doran said the ship was a ship pilots and cabin staff of the US Marine Corps had already fallen in love – and they were eager to fly away from his cockpit for operations.

“They love it, it’s a very, very big flight deck and it’s nice to operate from a ship that was designed from the start to operate the F-35,” he said. he declares.

“I think it brings something unique and new to our operating environment that we are all going to learn from and I think we are going to really enjoy this deployment and the lessons we are going to learn from it.”

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