Victoria’s Salvation Army to launch Christmas Kettle fundraiser on Friday, December 3

Victoria’s Salvation Army got off to a late start this year due to the need for more volunteers to ring the bells

VICTORIA, Texas – The Victoria Salvation Army started its annual Christmas Kettle fundraiser late this year due to a lack of volunteers. this Friday, December 3.

“It’s been one of the toughest years I’ve ever seen in terms of hiring people, so we’re starting a little late, we’re going to be in full swing on the third, which is next Friday. , said Captain Jones.

You can find the bell ringers at Walgreens, both Walmarts, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and some places at Victoria Mall, as well as Sams. They will go out to take donations until Christmas Eve and expect to see them every day except Sunday. Captain Jones says they use a hybrid of volunteer and paid positions, with a bell ringer salary of $ 9 an hour. Those interested in signing up to be a bell ringer may be paid or may choose to simply volunteer. While it might sound easy, Jones says it can be tiring ringing that bell over and over again.

“You would think it would be easy, just ring the bell, but it’s pretty tedious. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in one place for four or eight hours, or even two hours, it can be quite tedious, ”says Captain Jones.

Captain Jones says there is a culture around being the bell ringer, with ties to American history.

“Being a bell ringer is part of history, part of America. The song Silver Bells is about the Salvation Army bell ringers, and when you hear those silver bells you know it’s the season of the year to start giving back, ”says Captain Jones.

The Salvation Army in Victoria has already raised $ 5,000 through the sponsorship of the pots. They raised around $ 64,000 last year through the kettles, despite the pandemic, and hope to raise the same amount this year.

Captain Jones says bell ringers can be hired from the age of 16, so any high school student in need of a little vacation money or hours of service for various clubs (National Honor Society, Key Club , Student Council) can call the Salvation Army and sign up to be a bell ringer.

To register as a bell ringer, call the Salvation Army at 361-576-1297.


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